"EPM (Expansive Psychology Method)" Evening Workshops
         for Those Who Seek Peak Experience

Latest Info 1: The eighth EPM workshop entitled "Perpetuate Your Peak Experience" will be held on 28th June in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

The exercise "Perpetuate Your Peak Experience" will be introduced during the work.

Latest Info 2: Video clips extracted from the whole videos filmed at the past EPM evening workshops have been uploaded to:

https://youtu.be/wMofP_WQyCY (From the workshop #4)

https://youtu.be/c-vTlt5r7JQ (From the workshop #4)

https://youtu.be/dGQDy9sjcFw (From the workshop #2)

https://youtu.be/J6l8PfMZA4g (From the workshop #1)

https://youtu.be/5F5wMjLQq-A (From the workshop #1)

Latest Info 3: A Meetup group "'EPM (Expansive Psychology Method)' for Those Who Seek Innovation" has been created at:


The members of this group will be given a certain number of benefits.

Latest Info 4: Guhen is the sole Japanese NLP facilitator formally and directly trained by the four most important NLP co-founders and co-developers, and has been certified as an NLP trainer through their trainers training courses. He has to date held 40-plus NLP certification courses for a total of over a couple of thousands of Japanese students.

He is further versed in Eastern spirituality. Namely, he was born in a family whose tomb at a Buddhist temple in Tanabe City, Wakayama, is directly on the left side of the tomb which used to be Mr Morihei Ueshiba's, the founder of the Japanese martial art, Aikido (NLP has been commonly called "Mental Aikido"). He was initiated by an Indian guru in 1983 on the West Coast, and has since been on a spiritual path, on which he experienced Kundalini energy awakening. He especially intensively studied Shankaracharya, an Indian philosopher of the 8th Century AD, who founded the Advaita (non-dualistic) Vedanta school.


Guhen Kitaoka (see his profile), who has been active in the Japanese market since 2001, as a senior NLP trainer, has recently been providing English speaking people in Japan with his services as an innovation modeling consultant.

Guhen, as an "innovation mentor," has started to hold a series of workshops in English entitled "EPM (Expansive Psychology Method)" in Tokyo since August.

Who is Guhen Kitaoka?

Guhen has recently been working as a life coach for both Japanese exclusive clients and English speaking executives based in Tokyo, teaching them a set of powerful psychological and meditative tools enabling them to "continually get out of their own boxes (mind, frames of reference, models of the world, presuppositions, etc.) and to expand their own identity and consciousness on a perpetual basis."

Also, since he came back to Japan in 2001, after having spent some 20 years in the Western countries including the UK, where he stayed for 15 years, he has held 26 Practitioner courses and 16 Master Practitioner courses, as well as three Trainers Training courses - Guhen is the sole Japanese trainer who has held this highest level of training courses - for a total of 2,000 Japanese students, as a top NLP trainer who had been directly trained by the most important four co-founders and co-developers of NLP, i.e., John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Judith DeLozier and Robert Dilts.

What is the "EPM (Expansive Psychology Method)"?

Guhen recently had a chance to read an extremely important best selling history book, "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind" authored by Yuval Noah Harari.

Through this book, Guhen came to recognize that the modern Western empires like Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, etc., had the spirit of coherent "cognitive expansionism" (this term having been coined by Guhen) when they discovered the unknown continent of America, went as far as California during the Gold Rush period, and invented electric bulbs, trains, cars, airplanes, telephone, radio, television, computers, nuclear weapons, spaceships including Apollo 11, and so on. This cognitive expansionism further later enabled modern Americans to discover and explore "the unknown territory of altered states of consciousness" during the sixties' Counter-culture revolution, as well as "the unknown territory of Cyberspace" to start different revolutions in the fields of IT, VR, AI, genetic engineering, molecular biology, etc., from the late nineties.

Guhen is now convinced that the innovative CEO's of modern mega enterprises in the States, such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Tesla, have been "children" of this long-standing tradition of "cognitive expansionism," and that he, as an innovation modeling consultant and/or mentor, will thus be able assist his clients to become innovative always with newer ideas, based on his "EPM (Expansive Psychology Method)" work.

"EPM" Work Has Been Started!

With the above background, Guhen has started to hold a series of workshops entitled "EPM (Expansive Psychology Method)".

The "EPM (Expansive Psychology Method)" is a name given to Guhen's own innovative modeling methodology and/or mentorship, which is based on his long standing study of spirituality - Guhen was initiated by an Indian Guru on the West Coast in 1983 - and NLP - he started to be trained by John Grinder, a co-founder of NLP, in London in 1988 - combined with his recent study of neuroscience. Guhen's triune study of spirituality, NLP and neuroscience is concerned with his Telos (life purpose), methodology and "transparentization," (meaning a means to make mental processes explicit in terms of neuronal circuits) respectively. Incidentally, EPM may be said to be a work which the co-founders of NLP would have been realizing, if they had had such technology as fMRI available to them at the time when it was born in 1975.

The EPM evening workshops have been held since August 2018.

In these series of workshops, Guhen will introduce to the workshop participants what EPM work is like, and how people can possibly become as innovative as such legendary innovators as Steve Jobs. Some kind of practical technique will be introduced in each worksop with Guhen's own demonstration vis-a-vis a subject chosen from the audience of the workshop. There will be also an on-site group exercise.

The "special campaign" participation fee will be 5,000 Japanese Yens (tax included) per evening (the fee is subject to change).

You can know more details of the EPM work and the benefits for the work participants by reading the recent issues of Guhen's online newsletter, featuring a series of "EPS FAQ's" at:


EPM Evening Work #8: "Perpetuate Your Peak Experience" Summary


Session Giver: Guhen Kitaoka (see Guhen's profile)


Date: 28th (Friday) June, 19:00 - 21:00


Venue: Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo (the details of the venue will be given to the applicants.)


Special Participation Fee: 5,000 Japanese Yens (tax included) per evening


Payment Mode: Credit Card or Bank Transfer


Capacity: A small limited number


Organizer: Office Kitaoka, Inc. (CEO: Taiten Kitaoka)
      Gunkan Mansion Office
      1-1-10-701 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 169-0072
      TEL:03-5327-8523 FAX: 03-3336-3426
      email: info@office-kitaoka.co.jp
      Site: http://www.office-kitaoka.co.jp/en/

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